Understanding the Repair Process
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Collision Repair FAQ
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What to Expect During the Repair Process
Before the Repair
  • Provide you with a detailed estimate
  • Indicate any repairs necessary to restore your vehicle to its proper function and appearance
  • Provide insurance company with preliminary estimate and photographs
  • Coordinate with your insurance company for pre-approval
During the Repair
  • Communicate with you at all times
  • Reassemble structural parts and measure body to factory specifications
  • Maintain the original safety design of your vehicle
  • Install any new glass that may be required
  • Check wheel alignment and suspension
  • Apply the appropriate corrosion protection products
  • Complete the job with our precision auto paint color matching techniques
  • Communicate with your insurance company to ensure repairs proceed in a timely manner
After the Repair
  • Clean interior and exterior of vehicle completely
  • Notify you promptly upon completion
  • Provide you with all appropriate paperwork
  • Handle direct billing with many insurance companies